Here Lies ‘Blah, Blah, Blog”

Silly me, when I was ‘bitching out’ in regards to starting a blog, I believed that if a title came to me, I could go forward with the project.  I often think of a title first and the stories will just trail after.  What I really wanted was a sign…from myself.  Yes, I’m that complex.  If my mind ticked over onto the title, it would be the mental equivalent of cracking a safe– that click when you turn the dial just so.  While discussing this with my husband, trying out various potential blog names, and then the most magnificent words spilled effortlessly from my lips.  “Blah, blah, blog?”.  Both our faces lit up, like scientists toiling over phosphates and beakers, who had just cured a disease by accident. Brilliant! I just invented that…on the spot no-less.  So March 1st, “Blah, Blah, Blog” was born and I trucked along happily, with my new toy in hand.  The other day, who knows when it’s hard to keep track, I ever so casually check out the status of my name on the internet.  Turns out, I’m the inventor of nothing, and page after page (over 30 I’m ashamed to admit) proved that many bloggers before me have tried this name on for size…and liked the way it fit.

Not me! I’m an individual and I will not be at the end of a very long line for a not amazing blog name.  So before too many people notice, I’m making an executive decision.  From here on now, All Hail–“Pin Up Picks Pen Up”.  Clearly, I am not a pinup girl, but “pear shaped brunette attempting to commit to a daily blog” wasn’t as catchy. Anyway, just thought I’d mention, just acknowledge the elephant in the room and keep my fan-base in the know.  You’re welcome.

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