It’s Not You–It’s Me

My co-worker Jessica is one of my favorite people; she’s bright, funny, silly, and she is an avid reader of the blog.  The fact that she reads it is not why I like her, but because she always has constructive feedback.  She is also about ten years younger than me and has a view of the world that I do not have.  I wrote a piece that referenced “Dirty Dancing”, and the fact that she had never seen the film made her a perfect reader–like, if you never heard of that movie, would the piece make any sense.  She read it, gave her thoughts and I immediately sent her home with the DVD.

Prepare for your life to be changed girlfriend!

dirty dancing

Anyway, today we were ticking along with our duties, and she mentioned that she had caught up with my recent ones; including “Yesterday’s fuck you“.  She gives me a look that says, “Yeah, you know what I am talking about”.  “No, not fuck you–not at all.  I just wanted to finish “The Great Gatsby”…did it sound bitchy?”

Cripes, how much nicer could I be?

“No–not bitchy, but I got the subtext”, nodding knowingly, again with that look.  Though I’m pretty sure she’s just riling me up out of boredom, of course it sends me into an emotional tailspin from which I might never recover

(Even after I introduced you to Johnny Castle, really nice Jess, really nice)

I insisted once again that no, I did not flip the bird to my beloved readers; I just wanted to finish my book, and sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to read and write.  This lead to her next comment, “Yeah, so what is ‘The Great Gatsby’ anyway?”.

Oh my god–how much time do we have?

“Well, the story takes place during the sweltering summer of 1922…”

I talk on, and she listens intently–“Who’s side are we on?”, when I explain that Gatsby is trying to court an already married Daisy.

“Well, the husband’s a bit of a brute, and he’s got a little slice on the side as well”.

“He’s cheating on his wife too?”, she says this in a way that sounds like these are real people we know.

I try not to give the whole story away; just that it’s a famous American tragedy regarding a self made man in one of the most decadent eras in recent history.  And why I simply had to re-read the book after seeing the film, and admittedly, that I was even thinking about seeing it again (because everyone knows that certain films are better the second time).

And just like that, the work day passed, and my head swirled with happy thoughts and stories, and despite the difficult day, I was smiling.

So–dear readers, know that when there is a pittance of a blog, it is not you, it is me: reading, sleeping, working, spending time with my husband.  But understand that my brain is always dreaming up new words and ways to thank you for taking the time to check in on me and my silly little stories.


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