Thus far, the holiday has been simply divine.  The blogging break is so very necessary, (though I know the fans may be  unimpressed by this hiatus).  I ran into one of my biggest supporters last night at the opening night party of Project X’s X-Fest, and he scoffed…scoffed at using sad little music videos as a way of temporarily replacing my daily essay.  I explained that I wanted people to know that they could still come to my website and have a five-minute break.  To which he grumbled something about “why couldn’t I have just written a dozen or so extra pieces to post for while I was away?”

Dušan, you are such an awesome friend, thanks for all the enthusiasm and support, and thanks for missing my blog entries already.  But this is my suggestion for you.  When I just can’t take it anymore, I have no choice but to drive into an abandoned warehouse and just dance like there’s no tomorrow. That’s just another thing I have in common with Kevin Bacon. There’s not a single thing I don’t love about this famous scene from the 1984 dance classic. And I hope it makes you smile.

Footloose, Well Done Bacon

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