The Greatest Place I’ve Never Been

My best friend Evelyn is going to Paris, and I am vert with envy.


Incidentally, she is going because she will be in the neighborhood for a wedding.  As we are talk on the phone, she confesses that good ole Paris has never called to her as it does to me.  I then pull out the Western Europe Lonely Planet guidebook that once belonged to my friend Shannon, and read aloud, over the phone, why Paris is so great.  I’ve never been of course, I’ve only visited it in a cinematic aspect. Which is what I say to her, when she asks why it interests me so.  Well, Audrey Hepburn once famously said that “Paris is always a good idea”, and I tend to always agree with Audrey.


To my dearest girlfriend, about to hit the streets of Paris, a list of my favorite movies about the “City of Light”.

Julie and Julia, Nora Ephron claimed she would miss Paris when she was dead.  Now that is an amazing impact for a city to have on you.


Two Days in Paris, I will never get sick of this movie.  I love Julie Delpy, and love this funny, strange little movie.  They visit Jim Morrison’s grave, and see other fabulous sights.  Also, they used to date in real life, that adds a particularly delicious contextual layer.


Midnight in Paris, if you want to see Woody Allen’s version of Paris. He explores era, and the most fascinating members of  Parisian avant-garde movement of the early 20th century- Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Alice B. Toklas and Gertude Stein. It’s sweet and nostalgic, and Allen films the shit out of this amazing city.  Beautiful. Funny.  Special. So up my alley.


Before Sunset, More Julie Delpy, the amazing sequel to “Before Sunrise”, and she and Ethan Hawke wander through Paris and fall in love all over again.


Amelie, this movie is my cinematic happy place.  Maybe this is where the love for Paris was conceived.  Sometimes I just listen to the soundtrack because I love this film so much.


Moulin Rouge, the Best of Baz, I think.  Again though it is fantastical and ridiculousness, it is firmly grounded in a real time and place.


Funny Face, just what every girl dreams of, being plucked from obscurity and then being swept off to Paris for an epic makeover and fashion shoot.  And then french kissed by Fred Astaire, a man old enough to be your grandfather’s grandfather.


So, girlfriend, watch and absorb, and then walk these magical streets and know that I couldn’t be more excited for you.  And that I will require a fabulous present.

funnyface1Images Courtesy of Google

The Greatest Place I’ve Never Been

One thought on “The Greatest Place I’ve Never Been

  1. Thank you for the lovely post, my friend! I will be thinking of you while I’m there… and of course there will be a fab little token for you when I’m back. xo

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