My brother Matthew left his iPod in the fancy car rental, and didn’t realize it until he took an exceptionally long bus ride home. That is the worst. I like music. I need it to pass the time. Today was a very long, dusty, dirty, cleaning and organizing day. Lucky for me, I have yet to send the device back to him, so I had some fresh music for my ears. Sadly, my bearded baby brother rocks a lot harder than I, so there was a limited selection. But Feist‘s album “Metals” was on there, which is such a treat.

FeistI love Feist, and I love this album.  I have been really enjoying it on repeat. (And yes, Alabama Shakes is also a very cool band, thanks for the recommendation!) Although bear in mind, my brother doesn’t always read my blog, so he may never know these things. In fact, he’s only read a handful, but offered a compromise, when his first album comes out, I only have to listen to the first half. Sounds reasonable.  Enjoy the album.


Images Courtesy of Google, Video, YouTube

Precious Metals

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