The Perks of Being a Cry Baby

Just come back from a walk around the block. That has to happen sometimes, especially after a particular emotional movie.  And I wasn’t expecting this from “The Perks of Being a Wallflower“, I just wasn’t. Then again, as my husband says, the list of movies that make me cry is far longer than movies that haven’t made me cry.  And he’s gotten kind of used to it, my sniveling, the ever mounting structure of soaking wet tissues, and worse, my pretending that I’m not crying, which is just embarrassing for everyone.  And eyes don’t bleed water, you can’t butch it up either.


Anyhow, Ben had to sort of pack me up like a baby, and get me out walking, like getting fresh air after mild carbon monoxide, I have to cleanse my cinematic palette.  Something about trees and traffic that wrench you from the agony of fiction.  Once, in Australia, we had to do this after I brought home “A Single Man“.

single man  

Designer Tom Ford directed this movie, and got a bit of mention in fashion magazines.   This movie is so stylish, so elegant, apparently shots were filmed with a silk stocking over the camera to create this dreamy, filmy look.  This movie also snapped me like a twig. It certainly falls in the category of ‘once is enough’ category.  I would highly recommend this heartbreaker, but for me, it’s too emotional to repeat.


That is pretty rare, as I usually prefer a film the second time around.  But when it’s so upsetting that you have to literally come to terms with just happened,  Once is more than enough.   I feel this way about “Life is Beautiful“, I couldn’t even talk about that movie after I saw.  It won a bunch of Oscars, and then Roberto Benigni went out and remade Pinocchio, which wasn’t the thing to follow a stunning Holocaust-themed picture.


I would absolutely watch “The Perks of Being A Wallflower” again…eventually.  This film it got me right in the heart.  I won’t even venture into the plot, as its a relatively recent film, and I won’t want to spoil it.  But it’s really special.  There was such vulnerability it choked me up a couple of times.

hankySo, maybe it was a really touching movie, or I am slowly descending into some kind of premenstrual madness.  Perhaps a little of Column A and a little of Column B.  That’s the point of a good story, either it’s amusing, educational or cathartic.  Sometimes it’s a little mixed bag of all three.  “Wallflower” does a good job of mixing light with dark, humor blended with serious issues.  And you want so badly for the protagonist to be well, find that place to belong, and be safe there.

wall flower

I’m such a sucker for a well told  tale, my little heart will absorb it, and hold on it, and I will carry it along with my own memories.  And I will mourn the losses and failures of characters who were created by other writers who might just feel the same way I do: ” Happy and sad all at the same time [and] still trying to figure out how that could be”.

perksImages Courtesy of Google

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