Cougar Town

I had a very long day, one that started at 6:00am and ended around 10pm.  And it was non-stop jungle madness.  I feel stupefied with exhaustion.  I sort of shuffled through the front door, plunked down on the couch, in the attire from my third job, delicious black polyester pants, a rich burgundy collared top with a shiny name tag.

woman-on-fainting-coach_yellow-brown-blue-exhaustion-vintage-glam_amy-neunsingerI feel like I can hardly string a sentence together.  I know that I really need to go to bed, but I’m sitting here, with the computer on my lap watching “Cougar Town” with a great deal of interest and intensity.  This show is something I’ve heard of, but never seen.  And it’s…a little bit horrifying.  Courteney Cox what the hell did you do to your face?  Seriously? How do you go from dancing in the dark with Bruce Springteen

Bruce Springsteen

…to scaring the hell out of children because you look like the a wax rendition of the Joker, but placed  somewhere in the hot Sahara desert.  I’ll never understand why people do that to themselves, and as far as “Cougar Town” is concerned, it’s just so damn distracting.  I feel like a boozy toddler trying to write now.  I’m feeling like Courteney Cox’s face, totally messed up and completely out of sorts.


Golly, poor crossed eyed me.  It’s time for sleep, if I have any hope of looking fresh faced in the morning.

screen-shot-2012-06-21-at-2-14-37-pmAll Images Courtesy of Google

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