In Over My Head

The inevitable happened.  Not only did I not blog, I didn’t blog two days in a row.  I was prepared for an onslaught of outrage from the desperate masses.


I would open my curtains in the morning, and my god, the people! the upset! The crying out for my blood! My words! No place is safe, I’ve let everybody down, two days in a row.

Marie Antoinette

Believe me, it’s not from lack of interest, it’s from lack of time.  I haven’t been luxuriating in doing-nothingness.


I’m hardly toiling in a cotton field, I love what I am do.  I am just super busy balancing three jobs, living life like I am walking a tightrope over the Grand Canyon.  Trying to remember all the separate details for all the individual jobs, trying to not cross wires, trying to be everything for everyone.  Trying to give 100% x 3.  My head is so full of so much, that I couldn’t possibly open another compartment in my mind to allow for creative thought.


And so, what can be eliminated to reduce the stress? Well, the blog.  Although, it was kind of an accident, not writing.  The first time was after a day of endless work. We then stepped out to see my brother’s band play, and there was a moment, at 11:40pm, and knowing that I wouldn’t get it done.  And you know what? Midnight struck, and the walls of my life did not collapse.  The sky did not fall, and the people were not outraged.  Which was only slightly disappointing.  I mean, maybe the people were mildly devastated, but I heard nothing in regards to the lamentations of the fans who rely on my blog as one would on oxygen.


Anyhoo, a million apologies for my unavailability.  I relish the level of normalcy my life will take on after the September long weekend.   I will have one job, get back to my weekly yoga practice, fall into a new writing routine.  And most importantly, I will exhale so strenuously, that I might swoon from the relief of having so little on the go.

marie 2Images Courtesy of Google

One thought on “In Over My Head

  1. Uh, okay, uh. I never have writer’s block. I have a boring day job where I get to think about comedy all day long. I have so many comedy ideas in my shiny head right now that I don’t which one to write up first. I just came here for a break. I’m 3 posts ahead on the greatest blog ever written. Come visit my Agent 54 blog. You look like you need a comedy break.

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