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I’ve been a bad blogger, busy and neglectful of my favorite pastime. Radio coverage today reminded me of a piece I wrote a year ago from a very different perspective. In between dead end jobs, in yet another transitional period. This year, I like the place I am in. Grounded. Grateful to finally be grown up. #anoldiebutagoodie

"Pin Up Picks Pen Up"

What’s a mid-life crisis called in your early thirties? What constitutes the crisis being ‘mid-life’?  For those who have been being reading this week, you’ve witnessed my sad little journey as I go through a non-menopausal ‘change of life’.  But you know what? I have been in this transitional place a ton of times. In fact it seems very much like historically speaking, this week in general is not my time to shine.  But first, allow me to explain that I am crap with recalling dates and years.  I don’t remember birthdays well, nor can I recall the dates of births, deaths, marriages, holidays, it’s all a blur.  How do I recall things? Of course, through pop culture happenings.  My friend Monica and Heath Ledger died in the same month, which incidentally was the same month I had gotten an IUD.


When in Australia, they were covering the fourth…

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