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Bully for You

Originally posted on "Pin Up Picks Pen Up":

Anti-bullying is a real hot button issue these days.  There’s a Pink Shirt Day, legal options for bullied individuals, and Lady Gaga is on the scene acting as freaky fairy god mother to the unloved and uncool, and there is a growing movement to accept not exempt.


These empowering elements were not part of the zeitgeist while I was growing up. Social media had not yet existed and I will be forever grateful for that.  People can be especially cruel behind a keyboard and screen. Back in my day, if someone was going to bully you off-hours, they’d have to get out the phone book to crank call your house.  I once received a call in elementary school from a girl who called me a “fucking bitch” before hanging up.  I was on the only extension in the house, a black rotary phone in the living room.  Knowing that my…

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