Miss Mistletoe, 1939

Friends! Happy first of December! There’s so much to look forward to, so much to share!  I did dream of having time to write an entry today, but setting up a Christmas tree and watching “Love Actually” became top priority.  Still I couldn’t resist dropping by to say hello.

Miss Mistletoe

Look forward to some new blogs this month. In the meantime, please accept my highest regards from Miss Mistletoe.

La la la la la la la la love,

Alicia xx

Slipping Through Fingers

My husband and I are struggling to come to terms with the end of our holiday.  I’m so good at being on vacation.  I could do it professionally.  ???????????????????????????????I feel like there was this tremendous push to get everything organized pre-holiday.  I was so focused on getting everything ready, and then when I was on the holiday I was–”Is everyone happy?” “Is everyone comfortable?” “Why is there not a drink in my hand?” You know, the usual.  I was concerned with time.  “Is there enough time to see/do/eat/drink/experience everything?” Nope.  There never is, never will be, so absorb what you can, when you can, cause time, she slips through your fingers like grains of sand.


When my sister-in-law Kate arrived we hit the ground running.  We showed her Kamloops; went to my favorite yoga studio, did breakfast at Hello Toast, checked out a Project X Production in Prince Charles Park. Before the next leg of our BC tour, we showed her our favorite view.

Kate Holiday 001

We hit up the Shuswap region, then went to Dutch Lake in Clearwater. 

???????????????????????????????We then picked up my brother Matthew and then drove through the entire Okanagan region.


We drove to Vancouver, went to the Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z concert, then spent a few days in the city, walking around and perpetually getting over hangovers from the night before.

??????????????????????????????? Of course, you can’t be on the road forever.  As the trip was dwindling, I occasionally thought about ‘home’.  I like our little space, I like our little life.  But, my brain was so focused on everything before the trip, and then I focused solely on the trip.  I didn’t even bring a notebook, I brought a book, and barely cracked it.  After Matthew and Kate left, Ben and I took the long way home. And I jotted a few thoughts on the back of a hotel receipt.   I didn’t think about the future.  I just thought about ‘right now’, which is not always my strong suit, so I’ll consider that a success.

???????????????????????????????I’m happy to be home, but it’s a shock to the system to say the least.  As I write this, my husband is lying on the office floor, completely exhausted by two days of physical labour.  He’s still getting over the amazing rental car we had.  In fact, he actually circled the block several times before finally dropping it off at the airport.  When he got back into the Kia Rio, he looked so forlorn that it totally broke my heart.

???????????????????????????????As for me, August is shaping up to be extremely busy, I’m at my new job, which is like…a career, so that’s exciting, and daunting.  I’ve also taken on a temporary work contract, and will be doing some improv shows on…oh, how about this weekend?  I love it, but I fear that my brain is as mushy and squishy as my little post-holiday physique.  (Just kidding, I’m as rock hard as ever).  And then there’s the blogging.  I really enjoyed posting videos.  I may do it now and again.  I’ll always post on the daily, but occasionally, it’s going to be fast and loose, quick and dirty.  For now is the time for putting my nose to the grindstone after having my head in the clouds.


Photos Courtesy of Alicia Ashcroft