On Target

An ode to the fallen Target stores in Canada. #anoldiebutagoodie

"Pin Up Picks Pen Up"

When I lived downtown, in the bachelor flat overlooking the Catholic Church parking lot, I could also see the apartment building where my friend Margeaux lived.  If ever I couldn’t sleep, or was just wide awake late at night, I would look out my window and see if her light was on.  More often than not, it was, and I’d call and we’d go for a midnight stroll or head over to the nearby Denny’s for a bite.

For the longest time, the only downtown grocery store was a sad little market–AG Foods, with tiny trolleys, limited selection and limp produce.  While I accepted it as being a better alternative than taking the bus to a bigger store, Margeaux really hated the AG with a vengeance.  We’d often pop in together for provisions and always check out the seafood salad with a disgusting little octopus amid the shellfish chunks. (Who…

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