Prison Sentence

Revisiting the first season of “Orange is the New Black” before the second season drops in June. #anoldiebutagoodie

"Pin Up Picks Pen Up"

Is anyone else loving the latest Netflix series “Orange is the New Black”? It’s growing on me.


It’s causing us to speak in ‘prison hypotheticals’, how we would spend our time if we were ever behind bars.


We’ve thrown around the normal responses.  I’d read a lot, exercise, do yoga, write.  Like you’d go into prison all scrawny and stupid, and then come out wordly, with a masters and abs you could grate cheese over.

prisonerBut, what we are imagining is not prison, it’s more what would you do if you had to be on holiday for a year.  Prison would be rife with danger.   Man alive, I would not want to imagine how much of a target I’d be in the slammer.  I’d be sold for a pack of cigarettes in ten seconds flat.

girls in prison

In this program, a yuppy New Yorker is serving a sentence for some incidental…

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